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Free Design Resources: Earn Money by Inspiring a Global Creative Community

Contributors who are a part of Eezy’s PPD Free program fulfill the creative community’s needs. Not only do these contributors provide the free resources artists want, but they also earn money every time their files are downloaded.

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How Are PPD Pro Earnings Calculated?

PPD (Pay Per Download) Pro Earnings are calculated based on the Subscriber Share model. In this model, a customer’s subscription revenue goes directly to the contributors they use.

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How are PPD Free Earnings Calculated?

PPD (Pay Per Download) Free earnings are calculated based on the total number of downloads a contributor receives across their portfolio.

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PPD Free Vs. PPD Pro: Which is Better for Contributors?

Offering both free and Pro vectors allows us to provide the right resources for the creative task at hand, no matter the user’s skill level or the project’s budget. While there are benefits to both Free licensing and Pro licensing, our contributors have full control to decide which license best fits their content.

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An Interview with Eezy Contributor: Artefacti


We sat down with Germany-based creative, Artefacti, to learn about his fifteen years as a freelancer and artist.

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Create Lightsaber Vectors in Adobe Illustrator

In today’s tutorial, we will create intersecting futuristic lightsaber vectors with the help of the blend objects, blending modes, and gradient fills. The tutorial is relatively simple and can be applied to many other Illustrator projects. Let’s get started!

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